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It takes guts to be on your A-Game, says Alice B-B

‘You’ll have to keep your sample in the fridge,’ says nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, ‘so you’d better warn Nick’. You bet I’ll be flagging it with Mr Love. Because the sample in question is not what he’d hope to find as he reaches for the milk first thing in the morning.

I met Eve, a specialist in gut health, when she was the guest speaker at detox retreat Yeotown in Devon. ‘We’re just starting to understand just how much the microbiome plays in our overall wellbeing; not just digestion, but energy levels, managing inflammation and even supporting our mood.’ Instead of playing a guessing game with supplements and food, Eve wants to collate a clear picture of my health including my underactive thyroid, why I have a rash on my elbows and why I can sometimes feel flat or anxious. She wants me back on my A-Game. And intends to get to the bottom of it…literally. Because, my friends, the sample that shall soon be found in the fridge before it’s sent to the laboratory, not the lavatory…is a stool!

Full article by Alice B-B can be found in the August edition of Country and Town House Magazine.