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Seven books that will change your life

Be Good To Your Gut

Read this to banish the bloat for good

This isn’t just another recipe book about eating well – nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik is on a mission to help anyone with disturbed digestion. The focus is also on how to make your favourite foods work for you so you don’t have to suffer bloating, gas and cramps. Like weight training for your stomach lining, the recipes – along with her Weed, Seed and Feed programme – are all designed to improve your tummy’s strength and tolerance levels. And while bread is in, don’t expect chocolate bars and spicy Madras – they won’t help anyone’s microbes (AKA good bacteria). There are, however, some yummy curry options, as well as crumble. Granted, the recipes aren’t as easy to bosh out as Jamie’s, and you might need to study your spices and seasonings (beetroot powder and hulled hemp seeds feature), but with bacteria-banishing facts throughout, it’s the tastiest IBS remedy out there.