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GQ has assembled the experts in feel-better food, drink and fitness – chefs, bartenders, foodies, nutritionists and personal trainers – to cure that awful hangover.

Eve Kalinik, nutritional therapist, says…

“There is actually something to be said about the classic fry up when it comes to hangovers. Obviously avoid the nasty processed oils, but something like poached eggs, sourdough and sliced avocado would be an excellent aftermath brekkie.

Eggs are a great source of the amino acid cysteine that helps to clear out excess chemicals like acetaldehyde, the potent toxic by-product of alcohol breakdown.

Avocados are rich in glutathione which is used up very quickly when drinking alcohol, causing a build up of this same toxic by-product chemical. They are also full of potassium which is easily depleted after boozing.

Sourdough is packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria that help to support the gut, which tends to get shifted out of whack during the festive period.

Turmeric (or more specifically curcumin which is the compound that gives its vibrant golden colour), acts in slowing and speeding up pathways in the liver, as well as having protective effects. Added into a morning green juice and you have a double whammy detox effect.”

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