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Gut – Nurture your gut health for an all-over feeling of wellbeing

Look after your gut health by adding more resistant starch to your diet. Cooled cooked rice, potatoes and lentils are great at feeding your gut’s good bacteria.


“I love the Damiano Nut Butters – they’re all organic and absolutely divine”


A recent study found that when subjects in two groups ate identical cholesterol-lowering diets, those who were also given almonds (42g) as a daily snack lowered their bad cholesterol by 5 points more in just six weeks.


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Nutritionist Eve Kalinik spells out her four things to avoid

  1. Any type of hydrogenated oil – these oils, also called trans fats, have no nutritional benefit, and consumption has been linked to many different health conditions.
  2. Artificial sweeteners – these additives that people use for weight loss can actually have the reverse effect, particularly aspartame, which stimulates sugar cravings.
  3. Preservatives – food should be alive and, in its natural state, it will go off. Preservatives extend shelf life so, if food is lasting months, you really have to question its content.
  4. High fructose syrup – (often listed as the ingredient corn syrup) – this spells disaster for blood sugar levels and metabolism, as well as your gut health.