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She Wears It Well
Relaxed utility

The nutritional therapist takes the same laid-back, positive approach to clothes as she does to food.

  1. When it comes to fashion, for me, less is always more. There’s never a formula per se. I always get up and put on ย what feels right.
  2. I like to wear an outfit that reflects my personality, especially for my therapeutic sessions because it relaxes my clients. I’ve got a great pair of pom-pom shoes by Malone Souliers and they honestly make people smile.
  3. A good blow dry and a pair of heels are essential if I’m doing a presentation. Both immediately make me feel more confident.
  4. I always wear my red leather Malle W. Trousseau apron when I’m cooking. It was an investment and I absolutely love it.
  5. If I see something and fall in love with it, I buy it, because I know I’m going to wear it. I don’t sit and ponder things for ages. I like to shop little and often.

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