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When does obsessive healthy eating become a full-on food disorder? The rise of “orthorexia”…

“I see a lot of clients who’ve done X, Y and Z diets, fasts, cleanses and detoxes and who’ve read an article and decided to cut out a food group, and then read something else and decided to add ten supplements to their morning smoothie, even though there are only so many nutrients your body can absorb at once. And they keep going and it spirals out of control. There is the danger that these things can be a vehicle for people who have issues with food to severely restrict their diet”

“It’s great that there are people championing healthy eating, positive role model who are taking pleasure in food, rather than just saying you should be skinny”

“But when it’s very extreme and restrictive, it’s unachievable for most people. There’s a point of balance. And there is a danger that there are people out there talking about things they’re not qualified to talk about, so it can be misleading. It’s ok to dip into these things for ideas, and incorporate small things into your lifestyle, but don’t religiously follow then and swear by the word of one blogger”